Monday, February 13, 2012

Crispy Chicken Charmer

You gotta hand it to the savvy marketing guys, they really know how to sell their products. Whereas in Malaysia we get rowdy KFC staff who physically assault their irate customers when orders aren't sufficiently fulfilled, in China - of all places - they have actually perfected customer service.

Over there, their crispy fried chicken actually comes with a delicious side order of a local finger-licking good hunk.

Now wouldn't you prefer a taste of succulent chicken?

And no, he doesn't look like the portly Colonel Sanders in the least. As it turns out, the enterprising KFC China has started rolling out a handsome delivery man service. At least according to all their highly satisfied customers. Of course KFC China fervently denies catering to lascivious requests to have aesthetically pleasing fellows deliver food for their customers, stating that KFC only runs a 'normal delivery service'.

Though with the exponential increase in orders of delivery, I'm sure they'll find a way to provide cuties to charm. Perhaps have a joint venture with the local modelling agency? Or even the neighbourhood gigolos?

But how exactly does the order go?

Counter staff : KFC Delivery, how may I help you?
Paul : Could I have a bucket of fried chicken? And possibly a bottle of coke?
Counter staff : No problem, sir.
Paul : Add one attractive delivery fellow. Maybe 6 foot 2? Fair-skinned? Brown doe eyes? Relatively well-built?
Counter staff : Not a problem, sir. I'll see what I can do.
Paul : Thanks.
Counter staff : I'm sorry but if that item's not available, would you mind exchanging that for one with blue eyes instead?
Paul : Even better. Make it piping hot, yeah!
Counter staff : The chicken or the delivery man?
Paul : Preferably both.

Certainly makes me hungry for a bit of chicken.

Gives an entirely new meaning to the term chicken hawk. Though you gotta love the excellent delivery service! Not only do you get a cute guy, you also have fried chicken. Now that's G-Double-O-D Good. Makes me wonder when they are gonna start offering such services in our country.


matt said...

"Am... I... satisfying?" aww how cute. the picture makes him look very satisfying!

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

And so I promise that before I die, I will go to China and have my meat delivered-chicken meat, that is.

Tempus said...

serious shit! haha what happened to lady deliverers then? but then again, men are sexier on bikes!

u*ulliel said...

as soon as i read the news article on this topic, i knew you wouldn't be able to resist posting a blog entry on it!

savante said...

Isn't the delivery boy simply so adorable, matt?

More reasons than that to visit China! Go quick, iamrei.

Think the ladies probably man the shops, tempus - leaving the boys to do the deliveries.

Of course, ulliel! It's a combination of food and sex. My favourite things.


Kenny Mah said...

Let's have some chicken tonight! ;)

savante said...

I know, kenny! With the bad press they have been having lately, they should start this delivery service. Would definitely improve public relations!