Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Lemme Take a Selfie

Think nowadays with self-absorbed narcissists enthusiastically displayed 24/7 on blatant instagram / snapchat posts, it would be near impossible to find someone who doesn't know what a selfie actually means. I mean, they even wrote a similarly self-congratulatory egocentric song about it.

Granted after watching that desperately nauseating video, you might think twice about picking up that monopod to snap a selfie. Don't delete that instagram account on impulse though since once you think about it, we have been commemorating ourselves with overly glamorous depictions from time immemorial. Hell, probably ever since that first Greek sculptor decided to carve his muse out of that slab of marble.

All just for the thumbs-up likes.

Me, I'm a huge fan of the phone camera during my travels though selfies really aren't my thing. Seriously why bother smizing with my hand held up high when there are other minions around to help out? And when there aren't any about, surely there are good samaritans who won't mind lifting a finger to snap.

Though I'm sure the more diffident amongst us would feel a tad paiseh nagging a total stranger into lending a hand.

Paul : Oh there's a girl behind you. Just get her to snap a pic.
Calvin : No need la. She could be busy. 
Paul : It won't be a bother. She's not doing anything much, just staring at her coffee cup. 
Calvin : Just take a selfie. 
Paul : How difficult is it to ask? If they say no, they say no. We can find someone else. 

Whereupon I come to the crux of the problem. Is it really so difficult asking for someone's help? Does this go back to the entire incomprehensible dogma of self-sufficiency; all about keeping to ourselves and not bothering others with our inconsequential problems?

Get a grip. It's just a snap of the finger for a selfie. I'm not asking for a blowjob.

Did they just ignore me? Uh, hell to the no, biatches. 

Which is how I accosted and basically strong-armed a gaggle of mean girls into taking pictures for us, much to their consternation.

Calvin : The girl looked quite angry. 
Paul : Well, she didn't want to do it. 
Calvin : Then why did she? 
Paul : She said she was a bit busy and I basically told her that's bullshit. So what choice did she have? 
Calvin : ...

I have to admit I can turn occasionally mental. Apparently she must thought that a sweet, self-effacing fellow with a bowtie would back down from her ornery sneer, not knowing that I've dealt with far meaner girls back in school.

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