Thursday, July 07, 2016

The CDinosaur

Even in the sweltering burn of the hellish tropics - namely right here, there are the rare, blessedly cool, rainy evenings when all I want to do is sit with a book in hand while the radio plays my extensive collection of CDs.

Yes, I said it. CDs. Compact Discs for the tragically uninitiated.

What? People still buy CDs? 

You'll be excused - especially if you're one of the brand new Millennials - if you're wondering what the hell I meant by that. Turns out no one I know here actually buys CDs anymore! Like ye olde wound-up cassettes of the past, hardly anyone ever uses the CD players in their vehicles - since their outmoded CDs are mostly used as makeshift coasters or bird repellents.

Wouldn't surprise me if the kids today actually wondered what the heck the shiny discs are. Perhaps we could deceive them into thinking they are shiny metal fascinators?

Look, it's not that I don't have digital music. Despite my sad lack of IT knowhow, I'm far from a total Luddite and I actually have a similarly comprehensive collection of music on iTunes as well. Somehow I just prefer watching the entirely banal act of rifling through the CD cases, picking out the disc of the day and watching it spin on the deck.

I told you I'm peculiar.

After all without said records, what would Corinne Bailey Rae sing?

With the way things are going, guess one day it would be 'Put the iTunes' on? Somehow doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Wonder what they would think if people knew I have vinyl records as well. 


luke! said...

God, I miss this song. Where is she now?

savante said...

Hi Luke! Actually she has a new album just out in the stores called The Heart Speaks Out in Whispers.


Jaded Jeremy said...

I still have CDs although I needed to get rid of a lot of them years ago because of storage issue, and that I rarely listen to them :(

And....what is iTunes? :P

savante said...

Got rid of the CDs? How did you do that? Just toss them, jeremy?


Jaded Jeremy said...

Sold many to Cash Converter and sold one to friend.