Wednesday, February 03, 2016

All Fried Alfresco

I love my niece. Despite her oddities and idiosyncrasies so far different from my own, I do adore Chatty Carmen.

And if ever there were any doubts of that all-encompassing love, it was painstakingly laid to rest in the scorching baked earth of the residential park a few weeks back. Under the burning rays of our unseasonal El Nino 'summer'. Rather than the thankfully cool weather most of us expect during this season, climate change - and the ever-unwelcome El Nino - has brought about the hottest days recorded here.

Aptly enough coinciding with the birthday of my niece.

Something my sister-in-law intended to mark with a special celebration. It's not everyday that someone turns twelve after all.

Sue : Let's organize a birthday party!
Paul : Of course!
Sue : Any ideas? 
Paul : Something elegant and classy; tea time at a posh place? Ribbons, lace and parasols? 
Sue : Umm... I was thinking more of a picnic in a park. 
Paul : In Malaysia. 
Sue : Yes.
Paul : In our tropical heat.
Sue : Yes. 
Paul : In our sweltering jungle. 
Sue : Yes. But more residential park.
Paul : Oh. 

Oh dear God was my actual response.

Sure, having a late morning picnic in the park sounds absolutely lovely when you're in the cooler temperate countries. Sandwiches and scones; champagne and lemonade - who could possibly say no to all that especially when it comes in the most delightful picnic baskets?

But in Malaysia?

Calvin : I don't think I can go any further. Save yourself.
Paul : Have to agree it's very hot though.
Calvin : You're still in a coat.
Paul : Gotta maintain a reputation!

Umm. No.

We aren't lazing around in the rolling hills of Kent. Blazing heat aside, we also have to contend with the ubiquitous pests, both large and small from the crouching monkeys to the hidden mosquitoes. Not to mention the ever present danger of tropical diseases. See why having picnics have never actually caught on in the tropics?

But for Chatty Carmen, I braved the hellfire. Ditched the jacket though. Even our sense of style has to give way to our terribly unforgiving weather.

Paul : So did you enjoy your birthday party? Was it all you wanted? 
Carmen : Why did we have it in the park? 
Paul : @$#%@


Janvier said...

You should have the next party planned in advance just in case. So when your sis asks, you can tell her it's already planned and booked.

Anonymous said...

because I am cheap. :)